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Ninfa Laurenzo Early Childhood Center is a Houston Independent School District facility located just south of downtown.
Students attending Laurenzo ECC enjoy a variety of educational experiences from specially trained Early Childhood teachers.  The school is named after a well known Hispanic Houston Icon, Ninfa Rodriguez Laurenzo, who was also known as Mama Ninfa.

Ninfa Laurenzo ECC school is doing their StarT project about peace, hope and well being. The project is called the 1000 paper cranes. They are spreading love and peace by making and spreading out paper cranes. They aim to build bridges between different communities and erase borders, support refugees and enhance Human values. The person in charge of the project at the school is Francisco Usero Gonzalez.

We have contacted them to share tasks. Our students have made paper cranes and their students show us how they learn healthy cooking.
Children give examples by washing the vegetable and picking up the table.
We are very happy to be able to collaborate and have found a school with Hispanic ties.

The three schools congratulate the students and teachers of Laurenzo ECC and we thank them for their collaboration.
A greeting from Spain and Portugal.
Room 8 - Ninfa Laurenzo ECC
Mr. Usero-Gonzalez
Houston ISD

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