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Eating habits in our kindergarten

From Lithuania, the teacher Ruta Kersiene tells us about her eating habits in your kindergarten (Jonavos lopselis-darzelis "Saulute", Lithuania):

- Your breakfast habits: food you usually have and the amounts of them.
For breakfast kids usually eat different porridge (150 g. for smaller kids and 200g. for 4-7 years old kids): oatmeal, semolina, buckwheat, pearl barley , boiled eggs and corn flakes with milk. Sometimes they get biscuits (simple ones, not very sweet - 12 g.), small buns (30 g.). Kids drink herbal tea, cacao or black tea with milk - 150 gr. for under 4 years old and 200 g for over 4 years kids.
-Your hydration habits.
All kids can drink water during the day as often as they want, since they have a jar of water in every single group. Children also get 150-200 g. water with slices of lemon without sugar, apple juice or stewed fruit compote once a week.
- Your food pyramid.

We have read your diet and found it very healthy and healthy, with many grains.
It strikes us that they drink tea, since we do not have that custom here, is an interesting idea.They are very kind to share this information with us. Thanks to our Lithuanian friends.

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