Dominican Republic's Food habits

We dominicans usually eat three food during the day.
For breakfast, we could have bread with butter and a cup of coffee or chocolate, or boiled smash banana with boil or fried egg, or cheese or even ham.
Our main food is the rice, beans and meat, it is eaten every singles day by most dominican, sancocho that is a Kind of soup with meat and vegetables, vegetables and fruit are not as popular as the rice. Most of us never eat properly, or have the right amount of food. Also, most people usually have water or juice while are eating, and right after Lunch a cup of coffee is welcomed.
For dinner, it depends on the Day and the Kind of family, it could be pasta, boiled plantain with salami, mash potatoes or bananas, pizza or fried chicken with fríes.
Water, i think we drink the right amount of water per day.

Food pyramid

Information FAO http://www.fao.org/nutrition/education/food-dietary-guidelines/regions/countries/dominican-republic/en/

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