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From Lithuania send us this interesting collaboration. They work the same subject as us and we believe that their contribution is very interesting for that we are very grateful.

Collaboration of Klaipėdos Martyno Mažvydo progimnazija

We are from Lithaunia, Klaipėda. We are middle school.  We would like to join in your's interesting project based on health and food with pupils. Our teachers with some pupils did project about food we usually have. Activity group: teachers Daiva Siaurienė,  Kristina Mikutienė, 15 pupils 11-14 years old.
By Lina Stancelienė
Martyno Mažvydo progimnazium

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PUPILS’ NUTRITION TEST: Do I eat healthy food?

Nutrition is one of the most necessary child's normal growth, for further development of physical and mental conditions. Students made a test based on diet. Filled the questionnaire table, marked what do they eat and drink. That particular week ate ordinary food, didn’t change their eating habits, and  no attempt in the week to lose or gain weight while eating sweets as usual.


Water and unsweetened fruit tea every day consumes almost 80% of pupils. An average amount of fluid taken is 1,100 ml per day, in addition while playing sports students drink about one litre of water. Although drinks with sweeteners are not advisable, but half of the respondents like to take 4 - 7 times a week. Half of the surveyed students drink compotes and other sugary soft drinks from one to three times a week. Coca Cola drinking habits: 18% - do not drink at all, 50% - 2-3 times a week and only one student (6.3%) drink every day. Coffee, black or green tea less than seven times a week consume 81.2% of the students.
56.2% of pupils eat bread, cakes, cereals, pasta, rice and cereal-based products every day. Only one-third (31.2%) of pupils consume vegetables, green salad or vegetable juice each day, and 12.5% of students  do not like to eat vegetables at all.  63% of the respondents enjoys eating fresh fruits and berries every day.
It is recommended to eat dairy products (milk, kefir, yoghurt, cheese, cottage cheese) every day, but in moderation. 44% of pupils eat four - seven times a week.
37.5% of the students eat one egg  and one-third - three eggs a week.
Almost all the students eat meat, poultry, sausages. 68.7%  of pupils eat such food every day. Only 12.5% of respondents eat fish, fish fingers, herring, four times a week. A quarter of the surveyed students eat butter, margarine and mayonnaise four times a week. 
It is recommended to eat about 5 tablespoons of cold pressed oil per week. 25% of respondents ate two tablespoons of cold-pressed oil per week , and half of the respondents stated that they  have never eaten this product. 
Most students (that is 70%) had fried potatoes and potato chips  two or more times a week. Only one-third of the students succeed to eat these products once a week. It is recommended to eat quickly prepared food, for example., pizza, kabob, hot sandwich, hot dog, sausage, white bread only once a week. 43.7% of the surveyed students eat junk food  three or more times per week. 
Half of the surveyed students eat cereal, dried cake, ice cream three or more times a week.


  1. Water and unsweetened fruit tea drink 80% of pupils every day. Per day and while playing sports an average amount of fluid is 1,100 ml.
  2. Although drinks with sweeteners like Coca-Cola is not advisable, half of the surveyed students  like to take drinks with sweeteners 4 - 7 times, and Coca-Cola - 2 - 3 times a week.
  3. The 56.2% of pupils eat carbohydrate-rich food every day.
  4. Only one-third of respondents eat vegetables every day, while fruits and berries - 63% of respondents.
  5. The 44% of students eat dairy products four - seven times a week.
  6. Students eat enough or too much meat and  not enough fish.
  7. Students consume too much butter, margarine, mayonnaise, on the other hand they eat too little cold-pressed oil. Half of the respondents stated that they are not used to eat this product at home.
  8. The majority of respondents are in excess of the recommended rate, while eating baked potatoes and potato chips, and only a third of them eat such food once a week.
  9. Quickly prepared food dominates in  the menu of 43.7%  surveyed students. Eating too many sweets or snacks  like more than half of the surveyed students.

Activity group: teachers Daiva Siaurienė,  Kristina Mikutienė, 15 pupils 11-14 years old.
Martyno Mažvydo progimnazium
Practical - Research Training Program

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