This survey is part of etwinning project  on healthy eating in which three schools participate:

  1. IES DAVIÑA REY (Monforte de Lemos-Galicia-Spain)
  2. ESSA SANTO ANDRE DE BARREIRO (Barreiro-Portugal)
  3. IES REALEJOS (Tenerife-Canarias-Spain)

And other European centers are involved through the blog of external collaborations
For its distribution, shared forms of google drive have been developed in which the questions whose treatment is also shared have been turned over.
The following presentation shows the results of one of the questions, number six, in which data are taken on the daily consumption of liquids of the respondents with respect to a classification in eight categories:
  1. Water
  2. Dairy and soy drinks
  3. Natural fruit and vegetable juices 100%
  4. Packaged soft drinks and juices (colas ...)
  5. Coffee, tea
  6. Isotonic drinks
  7. Energy drinks
  8. Drinks with alcohol

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